Jax has been thoroughly health tested to ensure he is fit for the field and of breeding quality. His hips, and eyes have been tested currently. His hips show no signs of dysplasia, and his eyes are clear of all malformations. Below you can find Jax's health certificates. Click the images for downloads.



Distraction Index (DI): Right DI=0.30, Left DI=0.27

Jax is within the 90th percentile for tight hips for Small Munsterlanders.

Fuglejaeger Dixon (Jax)_2018_OFA_Eye_Exam.jpg

OFA Eye Exam

The OFA eye exam is done annually to ensure Jax's eyes are free of any malformations. These records can also be found on OFAs website.


DNA Test (PRA)

A DNA Sample was taken from Jax to test for hereditary Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA). He was found to be clear of this defect.